Meet Amanda

Amanda “Mandi” Dier or “The Singing Doula” has been a certified professional doula and loss doula since March of 2015.  Amanda is a mother of 4 children – 2 boys and 2 girls and together with her husband Phil lives in Joelton. Amanda brings a unique perspective to her doula work, since she has had five different types of births herself. Two hospital births (both medicated and unmedicated) and two home births, as well as a loss, she is able to relate, navigate and support many different types of births; helping her serve the families she works with on a wider scope.

Amanda has a passion for helping women through pregnancy and labor and truly believes that it’s “it is a miracle every time”. She is honored to be working with Jeannie Casey and Nashville Childbirth.  

We are so happy to have Amanda as  a part of our Nashville Childbirth Doula team. Her warmth personality and passion makes her a valuable part of our team!

Credentials/ Continuing Doula and Child Birth Education: 

  • Certified Birth Doula – McDoula
  • Baby Loss Advisor –  Loss International,
  • Rebozo Certified
  • Solo Doula Practice – The Singing Doula
  • Trained in the peanut ball and TENS unit
  • BOLD in Birth Certification