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Lip and Tongue Ties 

Breastfeeding is hard work. There are so many factors that can make or break a nursing relationship and when we talk to most moms pain is the number one reason why they stop. Luckily, some pain can be fixed with simple changes. Some pain however is a bigger cause: lip and tongue tie.

Lip and tongue tie seems to be thrown in our faces lately, and we’re glad. A cause that was often dismissed by some pediatricians, is now in a spotlight thanks to dentists, lactation consultants and more information being available and recognized that these are a a major hindrance to effective nursing. 

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Aside from pain, what else can tongue tie affect?

  • Milk Supply
  • Failure to Thrive for Baby
  • Reflux
  • Nipple damage/Pain/Bleeding
  • Mastitis/Trush

A super simple and quick anatomy lesson – babies need to have their tongue in a good position to nurse. If their tongue is restricted, can’t get past the gum and can’t rest under the nipple to help form a good suction (and same with the upper lip (lip tie) – if it can’t “flange” out) Also, if the tongue isn’t past the gum it can cause pain because the baby is “gumming” your nipple – ouch! 

Pics Tongue Tied Babies Breast Feeding

So, what can be done about these lip and tongue ties? After meeting with a lactation consultant who will be able to help identify if your child does indeed have a lip and tongue tie. Sometimes a mother has done so much research that know that is what needs to be done and goes directly to the dentist who specializes in this procedure.

Next step is to meet with an experienced dentist or ENT who is trained in doing revisions. They will use either scissors or a laser – there is a lot of conflicting information about what is better. We’ve personally had clients have better results using laser because it heals faster and better than those who have had it clipped with scissors. However, that’s not to say that scissors aren’t effective as well. Most important when making your decision is finding out as much as you can about each and what you’re most comfortable with.

Unfortunately, Nashville was limited on choices for revisions. At one point a provider who only used scissors was available. Luckily, times are changing and options are becoming more readily available. Which is why we are proud to share that Dr. Richard Sullivan is a Nashville Childbirth Community Partner. We recommend Sullivan Dental Partners to our Nashville Childbirth Families. 

Dr Richard Sullivan know to patients as “Dr Rick” at Sullivan Dental partners at 5023 Harpeth Dr in Brentwood. His dental practice is right on the Nashville and Brentwood border off I-65 and Old Hickory Blvd. Dr Rick uses a medical grade laser to do tongue and lip its revisions for babies and children and adults too. Cost is approximately 100.00 and you can file it with you dental insurance if you choose.

Dr. Rick loves offering this service to support breastfeeding success for every family. He said it warms his heart to see how this helps a mother and to hear her immediate feedback how this has changed her babies latch.

Thank you Dr. Sullivan for helping the new moms in Nashville to have the best breastfeeding relationship they can have! Visit Dr. Sullivan’s website here today to schedule an appointment with him. 

Are you having some breastfeeding issues? Jeannie is a Certified Breastfeeding Consultant and can help with most breastfeeding issues or can refer you out if there is something more serious that needs to be evaluated by a IBLCE. Contact our certified lactation consultant today to schedule an evaluation in Nashville TN

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