Nashville Childbirth Classes with Jeannie Casey is the most comprehensive pregnancy support in the Nashville area. Serving the families of Middle Tennessee since 1988, Jeannie has provided thousands of families the tools, knowledge, and confidence to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, labor and postpartum period so you can have the type of experience you truly want. 

Jeannie offers you personal all-inclusive care for pregnancy, birth and postpartum and is with you every step of the way - from childbirth education to birth and postpartum doulas, placenta services, lactation support and support groups to help you from conception to the first year. 

Nashville Doulas & Lactation Consultants

Our doulas have 27 years’ experience and have helped over 1000 birthing couples. We support your needs and wants for  your Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and the first three years.

Nashville Doulas Contact

Childbirth and Labor Classes and Lactation Consulting

We offer every kind of class, service, and support you may want for your birthing family

It’s Personalized attention for YOU and  Your PARTNER (they are important too)

We bundle services to make them as affordable as possible for every birthing couple.

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Class Schedule

New Baby Instruction Guide

Happiest Baby on the Block Class

Sweet Sleep Consultation

Baby Sign Language Class

We offer classes, labor and postpartum doula services, and other services into the first years of parenting in the Nashville TN area.

Our mission is to have fun, be happy, serve, love families, enjoy doing this fantastic work that we are blessed to do.


Doula Team Experience

 What kind of births do we support? Every Kind of Birth

Our doulas are prepared to support planned induction, C-section, Natural Birth, Nitrous Oxide medication with birth, Epidural medication with births

All our Doulas have been expertly trained beyond the routine beginner standards of Doulas today.

Jeannie is an expert in all the facets of birthing; she’s our Ph.D. in birthing, nursing, and babies.

 Each Doula’s Advanced Training include, optimal pushing position to reduce tearing, tens units/pain relief, Nitrox Oxide usage, use of  Peanut Balls, birth ball usage, Rebozo, “Spinning Babies”- Optimal Fetal Positioning of posterior babies,  induction options, C-section options, interventions used in labor, postpartum recovery, Natural Breastfeeding positions and nursing support, many childbirth education methods, communication skills used with your medical team, plus more.

What is the – Doula DREAM Team.” 

When you work with us as, you are getting a 2 Doula team, we call it “Your Double + Doula team.” A team is the best way to have peace of mind about who will be with you. Unlike a solo doula, we never have to look for a backup doula online, when suddenly we win the lottery and fly to Paris. You will have got to know personally both your doulas and spoken on the phone many times. You will be comfortable and excited about your Double+Doula Team.


Postpartum /Lactation  Consultants: Doulas Offer Breastfeeding Support   

We use the term  Postpartum/Lactation Doulas, because of the extensive training in breastfeeding they have.

In Nashville in years past the affectionate term for a part of what we do was called “Baby Nurse.” It is a term you still hear in the South and in Nashville. So you might hear your Great Grandmother say, have your found a Baby Nurse yet? Those ladies also did overnight shift taking care of the baby so the parents could sleep. We call that job now a Postpartum Doula. Please let your Great Grandmother or Grandmother know she can still get you a Gift Certificate for what she calls a “Baby Nurse.”

We serve every kind of family, those with special needs, postpartum mood issues, adoption, single parents, recovering from surgery, partners on the road, partners who are in a rotation, we also come in and train your family on how to care for your infant. 

Our Postpartum Lactation Doulas have been expertly trained beyond the routine beginner standards of Doulas today. Our Doulas have advanced Breastfeeding training, and additional training in Natural Breastfeeding,  Are you looking for answers to your breastfeeding questions? Our lactation consultants are here to help. Happiest Baby on the Block, baby calming and sleeping, Infant Care Specialist, Sleep Coaching for Infants, baby signing,  placenta capsules usage, baby wearing, skin to skin bonding and kangaroo care, parenting education, postpartum recovery and all the rest that falls into what we call the “Instruction Guide for Newborns”.

We value your family and your wellbeing, so we don’t just leave once we’re done with our labor or postpartum services , we want to care for you for the entire fourth trimester and beyond, that is why we set up support groups and monthly events to get together with moms in the Nashville area who are on the same journey you are to share in the joys and the struggles of being a new parent.